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Our speakers are master translators of the science into the so what. They will inspire you to think differently and reimagine the future of business.


Our experienced and top rated speakers have presented at international conferences, TEDx events, expert panels and numerous live events all around the globe. 


As organisational neuroscience is an emerging field, we offer research partnership opportunities to organisations.

We invite you to participate in our research activities.

Join our research community and contribute to the evidence-base in applying an organisational neuroscience lens to improving performance and wellbeing.


Organisational Neuroscience is an emerging field that links science to business practice. 

We offer academic and professional development opportunities to those interested in the application of neuroscience. At ION, we assist you in your professional development by sharing latest findings in organisational neuroscience.


We assess the disconnect by providing data-driven diagnostic tools that measure psycho-social risk and demonstrate the links between psychological safety and performance.

We provide interventions and education that improve organisational performance grounded in applied neuroscience.