Professional Development  

There is a disconnect between what science shows and business does.

Organisational Neuroscience is an emerging field that links science to business practice. 

We offer academic and professional development opportunities to those interested in the application of neuroscience.

What if you could personally contribute and be a pioneer in this field?

Have you ever thought about postgraduate studies?

Do you want to be part of a community?

At ION, we assist you in your professional development by sharing the latest findings in organisational neuroscience.

Highlighted Short Courses

Our short courses help you to build your capability to positively impact psychological safety, wellbeing and performance.

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Accredited CPD Programs

We provide accredited programs in neuroscience of leadership to build your capability and earn you professional development points at the same time.

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Post-graduate opportunities

As pioneers in the field of applied neuroscience we offer the world’s first professional doctorate in organisational neuroscience.

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Virtual Events & Masterclasses

In our virtual events and masterclasses we showcase the latest insights emerging in the field of organisational neuroscience.

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